Founded in 1978, DF Dickins Associates, LLC is an engineering consulting company with experience covering hundreds of projects for international resource development companies and government agencies. Specialties include engineering and environmental studies associated with offshore oil exploration and development, pipelines and marine transportation. Consulting services cover a wide range of project areas:

  • Air and sea logistics in remote areas
  • Analysis of marine environments
  • Development of spill response strategies
  • Risk assessment of accidental spills and extreme events
  • Air Cushion Vehicle (Hovercraft) applications
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Remote sensing and satellite interpretation
  • Project management

Government and private clients include:

Chevron Canada, Alaska Clean Seas, Statoil, ExxonMobil, BP Exploration (Alaska), Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Shell E&P, Sakhalin Energy, ConocoPhillips, DNV GL, Agip KCO, Canadian Coast Guard and the Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Institute.

Joint project partners include:

SL Ross Environmental Research, Owens Coastal Consultants, Coastal Frontiers, and SINTEF

Marine project study areas include:

Alaska North Slope, Chukchi Sea, Caspian Sea (Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan), Sakhalin Island/Sea of Okhotsk, Labrador Sea, British Columbia Coast, Canadian East Coast, Canadian Beaufort Sea, Northwest Passage, Norwegian Barents Sea (Svalbard), and the Northern Sea Route.