About DF Dickins Associates, LLC

The company’s depth and diversity of experience spans a broad range of project areas, from assessing pipeline risk in Azerbaijan to using remote sensing for oil spill response in the Norwegian Arctic. In managing multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers, Dickins works to make sure that clients receive a final product that exceeds their expectations. Environmental issues are at the core of almost all the company’s projects, whether it be concerns about the impacts of climate change on future offshore design standards, ways to better protect marine life through more effective oil spill clean up strategies or ways to minimize the impacts of icebreaking vessels on local residents. Remote area logistics continues as a key project focus, including innovative resupply methods such as air cushion vehicles.

Over 45 years of professional experience

Broad international client base

Hundreds of marine environmental projects

Diversity of services from oil spills to climate change

Reputation for on-time delivery, on-budget

Reputation for excellence in report writing and analysis